107 Aberdeen Squadron Air Cadets
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Squadron Commanding Officers

*1939 to 1943Sqn LdrHarvey Goodwin MacKintosh

  1943 to 1953Flt LtCharles George Fraser

  1953 to 1960Sqn LdrAlexander Robb Dale

  1960 to 1964Flt LtRobert McHattie DFC MA

  1964 to 1973Flt LtStewart Shepherd Adams

  1974 to 1977Flt LtCharles Simpson Forbes

  1977 to 1980Flt LtWilliam Rendall Ferrier

  1980 to 1982Flt LtIan Morrison MA

  1982 to 1986Flt LtMalcolm Alexander Reid BSc

  1986 to 1989Flt LtMark Peter Ansell

  1989 to 1993Flt LtWilliam Thomas Wilson

  1993 to 1994Flt LtKeith Hamilton Lawson

  1994 to 1995Flt LtChristopher Bruce Reid

  1995 to 1997Fg OffBarbara Elizabeth Ritchie

  1997 to 1998Plt OffAlexander Grieg Thom

  1998 to 1999Fg OffRobert George Smith

  1999 to 2000Flt LtDerek Ian Anderson

  2000 to 2002Flt LtDerick Stewart

  2002 to 2009Flt LtBruce William Lumsden

  2009 to 2010Flt LtRyan Daniel Jackson

  2010 to 2012Fg OffGregory William Sinclair

  2012 to 2012Flt LtPaul Andrew Bond

  2012 to presentFlt LtGarry Donald

* Air Defence Cadet Corps Jun 1939 to Feb 1941

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